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Ordinary People

Written by John Stephens and Kanye West

Accompanied by: Colin Keating

Acting Reel

Clips from:


23 Minutes In Productions

Boardwalk Empire

HBO & Bootleg Productions


T=Mc2 Productions

Prettiest Thing

Thaddeus McCants - Music, Vocals, Lyrics

Ben Natti - Music, Guitar, Arrangement

twitter: @BenNastyNatti

Recorded at Dabooth Studios


Theatre in Washington, DC

Commissioned by THEARC Theatre in Washington DC and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, TRUTH the musical was broadcast live to over 7,000 Boys and Girls Clubs all over the world. TRUTH tells the story of Sojourner Truth as she takes a troubled youth through her story to show him how to tell the TRUTH. This is the opener staring Thaddeus McCants as Peter Williams as he takes you on a journey through his life on the streets with hip hop and song.