In the Room, Waiting - Full Length


3 Male-Identifying, 4 Female-Identifying


No matter where you come from, everyone who comes into a hospital waiting room is forced to wait together. ‘IN THE ROOM, WAITING’ highlights a young turbulent couple’s disagreement whether or not to bring a child into the world and how that decision will impact their relationship for the rest of their lives. As denizens file in from every strata of society and corner of crazy they unknowingly help Malcolm and Aisha find their paths, even if they aren’t always friendly about it. A bawdy but moving look at fate, choice, compassion and how each decision we make changes our path through the universe.



2078 Refugee - One Act


4 Male-Identifying, 2 Female-Identifying


A reaction to the current refugee crisis worldwide, 2078 Refugee postulates that sooner or later, literally and figuratively, we will all end up in the same boat. 6 people fleeing what was formerly the United States of America as refugees. With lingering animosity, and brutal humanity, everyone is fighting for the America that once was while dealing with the fact that those ideals, and the country as they knew it, might no longer exist.


A Place Just for Us- Full Length


2 Female-Identifying


Inside the storage room of a church, two young Jewish misfits hide away from their parents, their lives, and the world. A postulation on growing up and falling in and out of sync with our first love.